Saturday, December 10, 2011

December 10: The 4 members of Otis Redding's backup-band The Bar-Kays died on this date.

The Bar-Kays began in Memphis, Tennessee as a studio session musician group, backing major artists at Stax Records. They were chosen in 1967 by Otis Redding to play as his backing band.
Four members of the band died along with Otis in a plane crash on Dec 10, 1967.

The Bar-Kays  who perished were:
  • 1967: Jimmy King, guitarist.
  • Ronnie Caldwell, electric organist and keyboardist.  
  • Phalon Jones, saxophonist.  
  • Carl Cunningham, drummer.  
They were all only 18-years old when they died.

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