Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nov. 28: Leslie Nielsen, "Airplane!" and "The Naked Gun" died today...

.. he was 84 years old.  

OK; Leslie William Nielsen, wasn't a singer, although he did manage to sing in a  few of his comedic spoofs.  Leslie WAS a Canadian-American actor and comedian. He appeared in over 100 films and 1,500 television programs over the span of his career, portraying over 220 characters.

Although his acting career crosses a variety of genres in both television and films, Nielsen achieved his greatest successes in the comedy films Airplane! and The Naked Gun. Nielsen's comedic breakthrough came with a supporting role in 1980's Airplane!, a parody of Zero Hour!, Airport, and other movies that dealt with air travel. In Airplane! his deadpan delivery contrasted with the continual absurdity surrounding him.

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Nielsen's lead roles in the films Forbidden Planet and The Poseidon Adventure came long before he considered a turn to comedy. His deadpan delivery as a doctor in 1980's Airplane! marked a turning point in Nielsen's career, one that would make him, in the words of film critic Roger Ebert, "the Olivier of spoofs."

Nielsen stayed active into his 80s. He performed serious roles on screen and stage such as his one-man theatre show Darrow, as well as providing voice-overs and on-camera appearances for commercials and cartoons.  
Beginning in February 2007, Nielsen began playing a small role as a doctor in the humorous yet educational television show Doctor*Ology. The show chronicles real-life medical techniques and technology, and airs on the Discovery Channel.

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